Miss Curvy Jamaica is Jamaica's FIRST full-figured beauty pageant. Miss Curvy Jamaica is the young Jamaican female who is full figured, confident, beautiful, talented, intelligent and articulate!

The Miss Curvy Jamaica is open to all young, single female Jamaicans were born in Jamaica, are the child of a Jamaican parent, or is a naturalized citizen of Jamaica.

Miss Curvy Jamaica contestants are:
- 18-30 years old;
- Jamaican;
- willing and able to inspire and empower other young Jamaican girls and women.

Her mission is to spread the message of self-love and the importance of self-acceptance to young girls and women.

The Miss Curvy Jamaica beauty pageant will be presented at the 2nd annual Curvy Caribbean Conference (CCC) on Saturday, April 28th and Sunday (crowning finale) April 29th, 2018 at the Campion College Auditorium.

CCC gives full-figured, Jamaican women the opportunity to discover the best in plus size fashion, beauty, health and lifestyle products in an enjoyable and socially enriching environment.

The Miss Curvy Jamaica (MCJ) registration closed on October 31, 2017. Over 100 women registered to participate, and 22 contestants were selected and announced on November 6, 2017.

They will be prepared for the pageant by receiving mandatory workshop training in the areas of beauty, etiquette, fashion, speech and diction by professionals in these fields. These training workshops will take place over a three (3) months period … February to April … as well as major public/media appearances, courtesy calls and field trips.

On the Saturday, April 28th, 2018, at the Curvy Caribbean Conference, the contestants will showcase their skills via talents, modelling gowns, swimwear and other local designer wear.

The Miss Curvy Jamaica Finals will present 10 finalists on Sunday, April 29th, 2018, where a second runner-up, first runner-up and winner will be chosen after their final public interview.

Miss Curvy Jamaica Top Contestants' Profiles